an official note from the creators of lazer hot hits.

Just to put things in perspective: this crew has no relationship whatsoever with the original LASER, or LASER 558, (notice the S) that broadcasted on AM from the ship 'mv communicator' located in international waters in the North Sea during 1983-1987. But of course we share some principles, so you will understand when you read on.

During the early nineties, New Beat was in its last phase, and a new music phenomenon was about to spread: HOUSE. As all new music styles, House was adored by the youngsters, but outcasted by the established government, national press and radio stations. House was presented to stimulate young people to take drugs, participate in acts of violence, and other, more negative aspects of our society. Just imagine that these people, who now condemn House, were the same generation that loved 'Rock and Roll' 20 years earlier!
(Of course, history has proved them wrong, and today House music has been recognised as the most important musical revolution of the nineties...)

As a direct result however, DJs and record labels did not get any airplay on the national media and the Internet was not really developed yet. At that time LAZER was started off.
AT first, LAZER was a pirate radio station, playing non-stop house music in 1991 . Tapes were recorded during weekend nights in famous clubs and by various top DJs. Later on they were broadcasted on FM in their original versions. All mixed, with no real spoken anchor men.