whats in a name lazer ?

The original LASER did not exist anymore.
A direct 'feeling' with the background of a pirate radio station.
The English spoken jingles of the original Laser were a good 'fit' with our music style and were available immediately, without real investments.

The original concept of using a laser effect sound signal, containing a long-short-long tone, which --in marine terms-- means 'I want to communicate', reflects the same basic principles of this crew: trying to promote House and Dance music.
The first transmissions were broadcasted from Antwerp, Belgium, on the frequency 97.1 FM.
The result was astonishing! In a few weeks time, LAZER became enormously popular and was heard in all 'boom-cars' on the road. But nobody knew where the signal came from, nor who was behind the project. Several news reports indicated that LASER, the original AM radio station from the eighties, had begun to transmit again, but this time on FM and from a ship on the North Sea, or near the Antwerp harbour.
Unnecessary to say that at the time we heard those news reports, we were rolling on the floor, laughing!

The whole dance and house scene immediately supported LAZER with the newest records, advertising and co-marketing. The first LAZER parties were organised at the famous club 'La Rocca', located in Lier (nearby Antwerp, Belgium). For the first time in Belgian history, a house party was live broadcasted on the radio. Party people who arrived by car at the party, were already listening to the live music from the club they were about to visit. This really gave a 'special touch' to our project.